Resume the carreer of Criss Source and be focus only on his hit « Hugs & Kisses » gonna be a shortcut really easy to do, but the temptation is massive as the success of this track was worldwide. Sacred as one of biggest dance track, « hugs & kisses » was also one of the most played tracks in club between 2005 & 2008 charming all the electronic scene, from underground to the mainstream and commercial djs. But, who really know Criss Source ?

With more than 15 years of carreer as international DJ, Criss played on the 5 continents several time. It must be said that his passion for electronic music comes at a very young age. Passion that we can felt today in his sets with a rare eclecticism for a DJ of his caliber between Tech-house, techno, progressive or into a music deep & hypnotic.

Concerned of every detail, Christian (his real name), do not hesitate to take his time to work on each track, located at odds of current artists accumulating a ridiculous number of releases each week. And it is this scarcity has become a force because each output is a huge success. From its debut on Mauritius Music in the early 2000s (Label where he continues to release his productions) via the label Solee (Parquet Recordings), Circle Music, Tronic , Blufin, Sprout or Yellow Tail all the tracks from Criss knew a truly success in DJ bags as like on dancefloors worldwide.

With more than twenty releases to global success and 15 years of activism in the world of electronic music, the best is yet to come for Criss Source. Not many before him had managed to prove their talent in many musical direction as him, while keeping his integrity. One thing is certain: Keep an eye on him, you’re not at your surprises.