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Terms & Conditions

  • If you fail to give this information your offer may not be processed or will be returned unanswered. The acts themselves need this to make a decision.

    We do not quote fees. You must make a financial offer Fees are set based on the conditions of your show and demand for the act on the dates requested. We will tell you in our response the extra conditions like the type of flight the act takes All our acts require 5 star hotels.

    Once you have received your response you must include the full information on your offer on every email during negotiation. If you don't we have to track your email to find your original information and due to the volume of requests that can mean you simply have to start again.

    We want to provide a good service with efficient response times. Please help us to do that by adhering to these rules.

    Finally - you must be able to pay flight costs for artists by credit card and you must be able to pay your entire fee one month pre show without exception.